H.265 HDR

  • First of all, thank you a lot for this great plugin.

    Now, to my question. I'm trying to create some H.265 files to use in calibrating my projector. Ideally, I'm trying to produce SDR and HDR versions of the file in 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 chroma subsampling.

    The only color spaces available are BT.601 and 709. I'm no expert on this, but, I presume it should be possible to do 709 HDR, but in most discussions I've seen on detecting HDR people are checking BT.2020, that it's at least 10 bit, and the transfer function of something like PQ or HLG, and to select HDR in the normal HEVC exporter, you first have to select BT.2020.

    So, is HDR a feature you've not implemented yet?

  • As far as i know (and i am a programmer, not an encoding expert):

    - bt.601 is used for SD

    - bt.709 is used for HD

    - bt.2020 is used for UHD

    This color space / ranges topic is very complicated to me because i can't just tell premiere "Give me all pixel data in yuv422, 10bit and bt.2020". I am still not sure the current implementation for bt.601 and bt.709 works correct.

    Maybe someone else has some theoretical insight in this.

  • bt.2020 is a wide colour gamut.

    HDR metadata requires a transfer function like PQ or HDR10 which both use SMPTE ST 2084, or HLG (more complex, as it's per-scene), a bit depth of at least 10 bit and a colour space of bt.2020.

    Maybe a short cut would be if you allowed us add our own encoder parameters?

  • I too am looking for HDR support for encoding videos in bt.2020 (HDR) format.

    CPU encoding takes way too long since HDR videos usually require higher bitrate (>100mpbs for 4k video).

    Please enable HDR support so that we can use this wonderful plugin to encode HDR videos in Premiere Pro CC (2017).

    I will search for ffmpeg commands to see if I can get an example for encoding HDR video in the meantime.