Need advice on GPU purchase and export times using Adobe Media encoder 2019

  • If you want detailed performance comparison of hardware transcoding (NVENC) just look here. But keep in mind that this data cheat does not compare performance of one encoding, its comparing how much encodes the GPUs can run simultaneously.

    If you only encode one source, the encoding speed between a 2080 and 1660 is pretty much the same.

  • you're saying that gpu model has no benefits when we're talking about encoding?

    No and yes, it's only generation of the chipset for encoding that is a key point.

    So for sixth generation that are use with GTX 16x0 (ti)(Super) [Not the GTX1650 that is has same chipset then old GTX 10x0 serie] and all RTX, you will get pretty the same performance for encoding.

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