Support for "extra command" and "output RGB 4: 4: 4 10bit"

  • Do you plan to support "extra command" and "output RGB 4: 4: 4 10bit"?

    I do post-processing through avisynth filters. So I use x264vfw in adobe.

    I hope that vocoder will replace x264vfw and x265vfw in the future.

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    The aim is to support all "extra commands" as advance settings in the voukoder GUI. And as far as i can tell all of the are supported already.

    4:4:4 10 bit is supported with x265. But currently only YUV and not RGB. libx264_rgb is internally already available. But does it really make sense to export h264 in rgb in Premiere? It would make sense for AE, yes. But you're using premiere, right?

  • I use Adobe After Effects.

    RGB 4: 4: 4 is required because the avisynth filter requires minimal quality loss to be processed.

    The workflow is as follows:

    Video processing with the Adobe After Effects plug-in.

    (DeNoise, Flickr, Deinterlacing plug-in etc ...)

    It is rendered by RGB 4: 4: 4, pass Nth or 2 pass, extra command.

    (Minimal quality loss)

    Import rendered video into avisynth and use 'avs script' to process filters

    (Contrast value, contrast value RGB, color chart, color chart, color chart density, Red Yellow value decrease.

    Noise and degrain, chroma noise removal, and residual noise addition removal due to wavelet and temporal frame mass references and recomputation.

    Texture compression, full screen sharpening, line-based sharpening based on line masks algorithm (separately from detail), anti-aliasing.

    Dehalo correction, color deviation correction, and deflection correction.)

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  • Ys, I agree with you.

    Many people use avisynth, a nonlinear script encoding.

    And these technologies are interconnected with after-effect.

    And many avisynth users want the RGB32 when they do lossless work.

    Initial after effect or fremiere was not connected to avisynth,

    so they used x264codec in aftereffect or premiere to store as rgb.

    And call back the result through avisynth and virtualdub to work.

  • So it is possible to encoder with x264 and 8 bit color depth. I'd just need to implement it. Did not find an encoder/setting for 12 or more bit color depth.

    you are right.

    I have researched this again.

    x264 does not support 12bpc depth. Supports up to 8bpc.(For rgb)

    x265 supports up to 12bpc depth of rgb (grb).

    The x264 profile has baseline, main, high, high10, high422, high444.


    I found that there are functions 'pix_fmt_rgb24' and pix_fmt_bgr0 (rgb32) in libx264rgb.

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