Proposal for a solution for CC2017

  • Hello,

    I discovered your plugin this weekend and I presented it on a site dedicated to amateur and professional video.

    Someone (ogt) has found a solution to the problem of the unavailability of NVEC encoding with Premiere CC2017.

    - download gpu_patch.bin (created for plugin Nvenc_export)

    - rename to gpu_patch.exe (checked with
    move it to the Premiere CC2017 directory, launch it, it will patch the file GPUFoundation.dll

    And now, it should work with CC2017.

    Thank you for your work, even if there are still settings to do, I find your plugin very interesting because it brings what was essential to the encoding Premiere.

    (sorry for my english level)

  • Bon jour!

    Thank you for your feedback! I have checked the file and it should be safe. All it does is changing one byte in GPUFoundation.dll. Hope this helps the CC2017 users. But as far as i know it does not work for everyone.

    I have visited your forum (used google translator) and noticed people have some issues with the plugin. It would be great if you could translate that to me so i can solve that issues.

  • Currently, I am doing tests and ogt too. Personally, I am interested especially in the Nvidia 264 part. I hope that other French will do tests with different hardware. Then, I think to post a little report here wishing that this can help the development of voukoder.

    One point that could help to better control the different parameters is to know the version of FFmpeg that served as a source for some parts of voukoder.


  • Currently the user Clockiy is reworking some the Nvidia nvenc parameters. It is a little bit difficult because not all parameters are available for every GPU.

    I look forward to see your test results to improve the Voukoder.

    The version 0.7.0 ist using the latest git master of ffmpeg from the release day.

    You can find information about the parameters here: