• There is no translation for your language yet?

    Do you want to be the translation maintainer? This is what it means to have this role:

    • Take care that the translation file for your language is always up-to-date.
    • Carefully check for typing / spelling / syntax errors.
    • Discuss corrections and suggestions with other users.
    • Ask me if something is unclear.
    • A translation file will only be added to voukoder if 100% is translated properly.

    And finally ...

    • You get rewarded by that your name is shown as the translation maintainer in the voukoder about tab

    There is a translation for your language already but you want to help or correct some entries.

    Please report that issue to the appropriate subforum and the translation maintainer will check your corrections and integrate it.

    What needs to be translated?

    This file: https://raw.githubusercontent.…translations/english.json

    • Don't change the file structure!
    • Don't change the translation identifier on the left of the key value pair in each line!
    • Just change the text on the right.

    Current translation maintainers

    Language Maintainer
    English -
    German Vogelforscher  
    Russian -
    French MyPOV  

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