• How to translate

    We are using from now on. This tool lets you easily translate help translate the language files in voukoder.

    We have two roles for this task:

    1. Translation maintainer

    • Take care that the translation file for your language is always up-to-date.
    • Carefully check for typing / spelling / syntax errors.
    • Discuss corrections and suggestions with other users.
    • Ask me if something is unclear.
    • A translation file will only be added to voukoder if 100% is translated properly.
    • You will have approval rights

    And finally ...

    • You get rewarded by that your name is shown as a translation maintainer in the voukoder about tab
    Language Maintainer
    English -
    German Kleinrotti  
    Russian -
    French MyPOV  

    2. Translator

    • Translate all the missing entries carefully
    • Correct wrong translations
    • Keep in touch and discuss changes with the translation maintainer

    How to get started?

    Contact me ( Vouk ) and I will send you an invitation to the translation tool. If there is no translation file for your language, tell me and I will create it.

    Stay up-to-date and follow me on Twitter. Tell me your feedback.

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon. Thank you.