Voukoder 1.2 and CC2018

  • I just try to test version 1.2 with Premiere CC2018.

    Unfortunaly, it crashes when exporting to Nvidia H264 or H264.

    With same parameters, no problem with version 1.1.3

    Clip is AVCHD /H264 50p

    Export to H264/H265 with all défaults, except :

    variable bit rate 28-34 Mbits/s, audio AC3

    Gop size 30

    B-Frames 3

    Ref Frames 2

    I have not seen any différences in voukoder log files.

    Thank you for your job


  • Code
    1. [2019-02-04 16:56:12,217860][INFO] Opening codec: h264_nvenc with options: b=28775000,bf=3,g=30,level=4.2,maxrate=32914000,preset=slow,profile=high,rc=vbr,refs=2,weighted_pred=1

    I think you can't combine weighted prediction with b-frames. If i disable it it works.

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  • Thank for your answer.

    I have reset all parameters to défaut, then changed only the one indicated in my previous post, and it works.

    I do'nt understand why "weighted_pred" was checked, probably from a previous test. (it works, with B frames, in non Nvidia exports)

    So, now, I can continue version 1.2 testing.


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