GPU not being used - Gtx 1070 & Ryzen 7 1700

  • ***FIXED IT

    I tried to do everything before doing the obvious.... update my drivers. It is working now

    Thank you!


    I installed the plugin but im not sure i got it right or its not working at all. This is what i see on the render settings (attached image)

    I did some render tests and using voukoder 1.13 is around 10 secs slower than h264. Also, my GPU is not used at all during renderings.

    Im using premiere pro CC on windows 10

    Is my gpu/cpu compatible? what im i doing wrong!

    Thank you for your hard work by the way!

  • FIXED IT AGAIN*** turns out a magic restart fixed it.

    Hello Vouk!

    ive been playing with some renders and it really cut my render times, however, audio is not being exported, im attaching a picture of my settings. Do you know what the problem would be?