voukoder and edius pro 7...

  • Hello everyone.

    I am french and ride on the software grassvalley edius pro 7.

    Would voukoder be one day a plugin of edius pro like for first pro? :):)

    Or only developed for adobe first.:(:(

    Sorry for my mediocre english, I use a google translator.

    Thank you ...:love:

  • Hello vouk and thank you for your answer ...:)

    I will ask the question to Edius and the french forums like the video hangout and share our dialogue ...:thumbup:

    On your forum, have people already requested this request? Did you propose to Edius your plugin? Can you do it without asking? Many plugins are available free or unofficial on many programs ...!

    To follow, thank you ...;)

  • I did not look out for an Edius plugin SDK yet.

    I already contacted the guys at Black Magic (Davinci Resolve) and Magix (Vegas), but the responses unfortunately were not that promising.

    Do you need a custom encoder solution / plugin? Contact me.

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon or paypal. Thank you.

  • Hello Vouk, thank you for your answer and sorry that the professionals of these software and edius obviously do not take the value of your work and our interest for your plugin ...

    I posed a post on french forum "

    https://www.repaire.net/ "and more precisely" https://www.repaire.net/forums…d-plugin-voukoder.282698/ "...

    That's in any case me I like your plugin well and if you want me to test in real condition on my edius pro 7 ... I'm starting or I want to buy you too ...?

    See you soon and sorry for my english ...!

    I'm going to post a message on EDIUS GRASS VALLEY forum to see what he thinks about it ...


  • Edius is quite close and I don't think you can write export plugin without owner collaboration.

    There is no documentation available.