Do you need to implement NVENC improvements?

  • Hi,

    First of all, thank you so much for Voukoder!

    I have a question about NVENC:

    I've just read that the new RTX 2xxx cards have a improved NVENC. From Wikipedia: "Sixth generation NVENC implements HEVC 8K encoding at 30FPS, HEVC B-Frames support and provides up to 25% bitrate savings for HEVC and up to 15% bitrate savings for H.264.". And there is also an OBS beta announcement that says something about quality improvements for RTX cards.

    Do you need to implement/change something in Voukoder to get these improvements or do they work automatically when I have a RTX card?

  • I did not look carefully through all the improvements, but it is theoretically only the b-frames support. Well, first FFMpeg needs to support it, then i'll need to add a settings parameter in the UI. Still, it should use a default value if not set.

  • I've just found On that page it says the following:


    What's new with Turing GPUs (Video Codec SDK 9.0 coming soon)

    • Up to 3x Decode throughput with multiple decoders on professional cards (Quadro & Tesla)
    • Higher Quality Encoding - H.264 & H.265
    • Higher encoding efficiency (15% lower bitrate than Pascal)
    • HEVC B-frames support
    • HEVC 4:4:4 decoding support

    I'm currently particularly interested in the H.264 encoding improvements, so the higher quality and lower bitrate. If I unterstand that page correctly, those improvements also require the new SDK, which isn't even released yet?

  • I do not think voukoder requires an update for better and more efficient h.264 encoding. This should be handled in the driver and in the GPU itself.

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