It is not 'ARB' but 'ABR'.

  • First of all thank you so much for making this good plugin available for free.

    And when I use the plugin, I detect the wrong expression and report it.

    Average → A | Bit → B | Rate → R

    Together, 'ABR' is the correct expression.

    And now I'm using the Adobe CC 2018 version.

    An error occurs when exporting images to version 1.1.3.

    When exporting video to version 1.1.0, no error occurs.

    Do I need to update to CC 2019 to use the latest version?

    Because the operating system is using Windows 7 x64 version, it can not be updated immediately.

    Captures and attaches an error message.

    I do not speak English, I translated it into a translator.

    I hope that communication has been done well.

    I hope someday AviSynth will work with Adobe products.

    When this becomes possible, I will be able to work more professional and efficient.

    Happy New Year, thank you again.

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