18 FPS frame rate support

  • Hello, I have seen the good progress on additional frame rate support, however there is still lacking the standard for 18fps Super 8 film. Can this also be included? Possibly add 18fps menu option, also possibly a custom frame rate checkbox to enter frame rate manually, or button to "Match Source" like other export encoders do in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. I also noticed that "Maximum Depth" the standard encoders have is missing from this one.

  • Yes, I will add 18fps mode. Entering a custom framerate is a little difficult because Premiere expects the framerate in a fraction. like 60/1 for 60 fps or 60000/1001 for 59.94 fps.

    "Match source" is not supported with CS6. There is a non-CS6 build on the nightly builds though which should support the "match source" functionality. Voukoder 2.0 will support this by default (and not CS6 anymore).

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