MVC Container for 3D MP4 and HEVC codec export and file creation

  • Please please try to investigate for possibility of catering for 3D users. Adobe never ever caters for new cameras etc and are always late with any compatibility. The 3D creators desperately need import and export of the MVC. Containing LEFT and RIGHT streams. Only main concept have an expensive solution that nobody can afford, and a company with a plugging referred to as V3 or Viii, have something within reach, but not 100% perfect. Issue is not so much import but export as desperately needed preset. I do hope your clever proven skills may help all of us who long for a real accessible solution, and would pay to have this feature. Please ? 3D is not dead, just because the TV's are not sold as3D anymore. 3D film makers have that covered, we just need the export preset.

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  • Hi Vouk, Am not a techie, but passionate fil maker. I can supply an example fIle as MP4 which when played wiLl give 2D. The file is cloaking the MVC info, basically as LEFT Eye image, and the sum difference between the RIGHT eye difference information, whiCh is decoded real time via the cameras hardwAre to give FULL 1080 ....." Per Eye " IE 2 X 1080p. It's a very clever system. Main Concept did their encoder which is beyond reach of consumer film makers. Another promising company was V3 or Viii. But again £800 and unaffordable. The efficient use as storing the two channels or streams of video representing each eye is better explained by comparisons with MP3 audio. Eg We have have true stereo MP3, and what is known as joint stereo, so same principle as in joint stereo is used, giving us video equivalent understood by pros as MVC codec.

    There is available via a stereOscopic website an mvc2avi converter that extracts and buildS and saves the paired FULL RES Left and Right video files IE 2 X 1080p. But it's the encoding to MVC that is badly needed for Premiere and other editing systems. It's a tragedy that Adobe always fails to cater for emerging formats and needs and spend far too much time for catering for Broadcast systems as opposed to basic video formats and that should include 3D.

    Bluray 3D discs, all used MVC codec extensively, and also use it for alternative camera streams as in sports filming, giving alternative camera views of the action. This codec is very much under rated for what benefits it can deliver. I do hope with some basic help from me you will be able to nail once and for all a solution for all 3D film makers.. Am at your disposal of supplying you a file, and it's two constituent components as extraction to two video streams from same MVC MP4 file. Hope that helps ?

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  • In fact the MVC principle is even more relevant since 4K came out, and everyone reverting back to 4K stereoscopic rigs, but shortly we wiil have a dedicate 4K 3D camera via the insta360 ONE R 3D MOD due any time .

    So encoding an export using an MVC codec is imperative since Premiere could never be bothered to support 3D, we are all left with no means of creating an MVC MP4 file or a desirable HEVC version