Support for Hap Codecs?

  • Would you be able to integrate support for Hap codecs?

    I use these a lot and since Adobe removed legacy Quicktime support it's been cumbersome for me to jump back to older versions of software to export the versions of Hap I need.

    Thanks for making such a great piece of software! :thumbup:

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  • There is now a hap prototype in the nightly builds. It will be also included in the next release.

    I was able to generate this:

    But MPC_HC was not able to play it. What player can play this actually?

    Edit: I was successfully able to import this in Premiere again. Seems to work.

  • Woah that was so fast! Thanks so much for taking the time to add this feature! Can't begin to say how much I appreciate it.

    As for use, we primarily use it with the software TouchDesigner, but it will play in CC2017 versions (and older) of Premiere.

    How do I get access to the nightly builds to test it out?

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