Higher Bitrates for HEVC

  • First of all a very special thanks for giving us all a wonderful and much needed plugin as Prem are always way behind on wants and needs. Eg they never ever implements the MVC essential codec for 3D producers, and I hope in a separate suggestion that could get a response from you. As for this plugin, am well impressed by the vision you have had in giving far more options and functionality to your encoding plugin. My one hope is that the 51Mbps bit rate is not a limit but could be increased in the near future to 130 Mbps as an optimum, bearing in mind that MP4 level pro camcorders now exceed 200 Mbps and even higher, to give us amazing detail and clarity when mastering even HD format. Prems limit of 25 Mbps is a joke.

    Hope to provide feedback in evaluating in real world editing. :thumbup:

  • Hey! What encoder(s) are you talking about exactly? I can take a look if you tell me the names.


    I highly recommend to use the non-bitrate based rate control mechanisms (CQP, CRF) if bitrate is not absolutely needed (i.e. to achieve a certain filesize). Otherwise you better define the quality you want to have and not the bitrate.

    These are the current values:

    Encoder Minimum (kbit/s) Maximum (kbit/s) Default (kbit/s)
    libx264 100 100,000 15,000
    libx265 100 100,000 15,000
    h264 (NVENC) 100 288,000 15,000
    h265 (NVENC)
    100 288,000 15,000
    h264 (AMF) 100 288,000 15,000
    h265 (AMF) 100 288,000 15,000

    I don't see any 51 Mbit/s anywhere.

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