pass through option

  • I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

    Video and audio get decompressed in premiere. Everything is uncompressed there. I can not passthrough any encoded source material.

  • I do not write about Premier.

    we can simply encode the finished videos into a media encoder. Often videos from the network are too large, but some piece of information needs to be saved for a while or for a long time. then i just cut a part.

    but if it is something more that needs not loss of quality, or just saving time for re-coding, it best to use "pass through."

  • Video and audio get decompressed in premiere.

    Actually some codecs like ProRes & DNxHD and Cineform support Smart rendering. For example, if you add two ProRes clips to timeline and don't modify them (you can still cut them), and export them as same resolution and ProRes version, those ProRes frames would just copy over to new file losslesly in the way you added them. Other way is that you use ProRes/DNxHD/Cineform as preview codec, and then you can do essentially the same thing.

  • MediaEncoder is not that much different to premiere. (From the plugin-point-of-view).

    I get a pixelformat, start- and end-time and lots of uncompressed bytes. I don't have any information about the source clips and their encoding format.

    It seems this would require a custom renderer.

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