Does Premiere actually use nvidia/amd gpu for DECODING?

  • I've never seen the graph plot in windows move from zero... but if one has an Intel CPU with HD graphics enabled, then Intel QSV is used to decode video...

    is this all by design? or is my system badly configured?

    my research thus far has found people on the adobe forums claiming adobe do not use the hardware decoding functionality on discreet cards, but apparently adobe do use some features of intel graphics for decoding, so this concurs with my own experiences.

    It would be nice if Adobe actually just admitted once in a while what they actually DO support and what they DONT support, rather than never officially reply to their users.

  • Hi DavidHumphries,

    It's all by design: the GPU Acceleration in Mercury Playback Engine based on CUDA is for accelerated playback, GPU accelerated effects, Lumetri, de-interlacing, blending modes, scaling etc... It's working great enough on my computer to edit 4K DCI video with effects, even RED 6K in a smooth way without proxies.

    But the Nvidia video engine decoder is not used, only CUDA cores.

    And you're right you can use Intel QSV for the decoding part if you have one of the right processor and the option enabled in Premiere pro settings.

    I have both on my laptop (Intel i7 with Quick Sync Video + GTX980m 8GB + 32GB RAM + SSDx2) but I need to switch between the two via a hardware button (I can't use both in my case), I prefer by far using the Nvidia card after many tests (especially for big editing due to the quantity of the video ram etc..) plus with the Voukoder plugin for the export part (the speed is insane), like you probably know you can also encode H.264 with Intel QSV.