Warning for SLI Users and NVidia 416.xx Drivers

  • Hey folks -

    I know that this may affect a relatively small number of Voukoder users, but heads up: If you have an SLI system and you upgrade to the new 416.xx driver train from NVidia, you probably won't be able to use the NVENC libraries for any application at all. That means things like:

    • OBS Studio
    • Playclaw
    • and yes: the Voukoder plugin

    will not work with NVENC. Disabling SLI system-wide will allow you to make use of the NVENC libraries again. Also, downgrading back to 411.70 will make everything work again.

    I've spent a couple of days going back and forth between 411.70, 416.16, and 416.34 now. I've confirmed it as much as I'm able to: the 416.xx driver train is risky to upgrade to if you're using NVENC for anything. So beware.

    And yes, I already have a case open with NVidia. Within an hour of me opening it, they already raised it to their Level 2 support folks. I think they realize they screwed up. Stand by.