WEBM container working incorrectly with VP9 ABR 2-pass

  • Hey! Another little bug in Voukoder VP9 encoder.

    • Describe the issue as detailed as possible.

    Voukoder VP9 encoder in combination with 2-pass (ABR) strategy and WEBM extension outputs file, duration of which is 2x times more than it should be. In fact, the last video frame is frozen for the duration of that added time. This only happens if 2 pass is checked and only with WEBM container: mp4 works fine.

    • Provide steps to reproduce the issue.

    Import any file, export media: Voukoder, libvpx VP9, ABR 2-pass, WEBM container, other settings irrelevant.

    11 seconds of input video becomes 22 seconds, with 1 last frame of first 11 seconds frozen for the rest 11 seconds.

    Both Premiere 2017 and 2018 suffer from that bug. It's not at all urgent, since mp4 is alright, but might be shocking for a new user :)

    Here's the file that this bug produces.

    Voukoder log is attached.


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  • Seems the data collected in step 1 does not get assigned to the encoder in step 2.

    Should be the same with MKV, as webm is basically matroska.

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  • Update: it seems that MP4 file is somewhat broken too: in Google Chrome and VLC it's starting from the second 11 (assuming we're talking about the same file) and keeps increasing file duration as it plays till second 22. Some other programs are not playing it at all.

    Mozilla and MPC behave normally.

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