Adobe Premiere Pro CC encoding test :Ryzen vs intel With nvenc (need to have a gtx 10 series)

  • hello

    I am thinking about switching to ryzen

    the problem is ryzen is massively slower compared to Intel chips because of the hardware acceleration

    but maybe with nvenc and voukoder, I can get the same performance

    specs :

    i5 6600

    GTX 1070

    encoding the test project on my system has taken about a minute

    and playback was super smooth on 1/2 quality

    if you can send me a pic of task manger usage when you are rendering + playback the video

    test project :…est_%28Fareszr%29.7z/file

    voukoder settings Capture.PNG

    you need to start the stop watch when you click export

    and tell me how playback is doing is it smooth are you dopping any frames ?

    i'm interested in ryzen 7/5 results

  • fareszr

    Changed the title of the thread from “need to test something :Ryzen vs intel With nvenc (need to have a gtx 10 series)” to “Adobe Premiere Pro CC encoding test :Ryzen vs intel With nvenc (need to have a gtx 10 series)”.
  • No ryzen here but using the project's saved export config as is got me a 15.6 second export result (Android stopwatch).

    Some would say going Ryzen is a step back for productivity 'encoding/graphics' workstations, your reason for going Ryzen?

  • I had to choose between Ryzen Threadripper and an 8700K. But I was told Premiere and After Effects prefer single core cpu power more than just having more cores available. So i went for the 8700K.

    But if you use NVENC anyway it shouldn't make a difference. Would be interesting to see a comparison.

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  • Intel definitely floors Ryzen on single-threaded apps, ie AFX... and I recall reviews showing Ryzen topping the charts in x265 but then Intel squared-off and superceded with their new 'tock' generation socket-2066 basin-falls cpus with upto 18 cores.

    I remember the days of the 486DX-66 and Athlon, it was fun back then, Intel were on their toes all the time :D

  • Consumer pricing has escalated a great deal indeed. But I do believe that Intel still delivers bang-for-buck. Threadripper might be great for AMD specific tuned apps and bitcoin mining etc, but I wouldn't personally recommend the Ryzen over the equivalent Intel. Now if Ryzen beefed up their game in the single-core 'umph' department, then I would definitely consider the AMD platform myself.

    To be fair, if your computer does what you need, and ok it may take a few more minutes than the fastest glitteringly dazzling cpu/ram/mobo, then hey, just go and take the dog for a walk or attack one of your personal chores outside of computing. Personally I always advise get bigger faster SSD and more ram and a good enough GPU for what you need. Everything else can wait till you really see a massive difference in performance accelerating your productivity to the next level.

    Just my two pence. ;)

  • After a lot of testing the results are in!

    I have a done some tests with/without IGPU

    (this is a different project much bigger project)


    i also tested playback

    with iGpu i had 0 frames dropped

    without iGpu i had 3 dropped frames ( which is nothing to care about )

    the thing is the timeline was much smoother with igpu

    the video previews when scrubbing in the timeline is much smoother

    if i go with the 8700k i am going to pay more fro the same features on ryzen or im going to lose OC which pretty important to me

    ryzen has more cores and this will probably make the CPU live longer because the industry is moving towards optimizing for multi threaded CPUs

    ahhh i can't choose between them going with Intel is expensive while AMD is cheaper with more cool features and more cores.