Best settings to encode typical shaky smartphone videos with HEVC

  • Hi,

    I encode a lot of my own videos. They are often filmed with a smartphone (samsung galaxy s7).

    A problem of smartphone videos is that they are often fairly shaky even when one really try to film in a stable way.

    This causes some challenges to encoders, even to the HEVC implementation of Voukoder (it does generally a much better job than Adobe's built-in HEVC encoder at equivalent file sizes).

    My videos are generally 30 fps 1280*720 videos, sometimes 1920*1080.

    I use the libx265 codec with the "Very slow" preset, the "High" Tier, "YUV 4.2.0" Color format and CRF set between 23 and 28 depending on the Videos (I watch the encoded results for various CRF values in order to choose the most optimal CRF value at the end).

    I don't change any other setting.

    I would like to know if there are any recommendation of "best settings" for such kind of video where the image is moving all the time due to shaky smartphone style of filming. Does anyone have any suggestion ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • What about stabilizing that video? Either with some gimbal gear, or stabilizie it in software. Premiere has even some filters for doing this.

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  • ppravier

    In those 'shaky' movements, if they are part and parcel of the scene and not something you want to lose, with X265 I would enable tune for grain, and also increase the scenecut threshold to say 80 at the very least and merange to 64 with a subme of at least 7. I believe Vokoder gives you access to these options. But please do note that encoding time and output file size will both increase considerably.

    If you want to smooth out the video and not desire those 'shaky' scenes, then as Vouk suggested, Premiere offers warp-stabilisation (google it for instructions). Or you can also consider using proDAD's Mercalli plugin (my personal favourite as it permits you to be a little bit more selective of how you want to stabilise etc).

    Warp Stabilizer:

    Mercalli (plugin):

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  • Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for these tips. Following Vouk's post I have tried the Warp Stabilizer and found it a very good remedy to my issues. Very good tip.

    It makes the video more watchable and also let them compress better. This is actually surprisingly effective.