• Hi there before hand thank you very much for working in this project, it is much appreciated.

    Guys do you have considered those of us with dual GPU no in SLI but two independent Graphics, I say this because in some occasions one of my GPU's Goes up to 100% usage, and the other one is at 0%.

    Don't know how difficult is this, but it would be huge.

    THANKS AGAIN, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • This is technically not possible with consumer "Geforce GTX/RTX" GPUs.

    • NVidia limits nvenc encoding to only 2 encoding processes ("sessions") per system no matter how many GPUs you have installed
    • This is a limitation in the NVidia driver software
    • One session can use up to 50% (my experience) of what the GPU is capable of. If both sessions are active you can get up to 100%.
    • In theory it should be possible to use both sessions for one encoding process
    • Conclusion: Multiple GPUs do not make much sense for encoding

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  • Consumer cards limited by drivers and bioses, both encoding and 10bit display, applies to both AMD and nVidia, greed as always. But games have better fps on consumer cards, not much use for workstations really.

    Problem with this patch https://github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch, not as easily implementable on Windows, obviously the driver files are different and digital signatures will fail too meaning end users would have to put their machines into test-mode, not ideal on production machines.

    If you have the budget, you can always get one of these:


    Apparently does 4 x 4K HEVC encoding streams in realtime??!!! 8o

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