• ok, that got your attention... (apologies for the MSM headline tactics)


    Voukoder as we all know is a great plugin, and even though it is free, please do consider digging into your pockets for some change, even just a few dollars/euros a month makes a big a difference to open-source developers.

    The developer of VK is quite open-minded, so there is always potential for more features in future versions, or even possibly more plugins... the one I'd personally love to see is an import plugin that supports everything ffmpeg supports!

    Remember, many great developers leave the open-source community into paid projects, and I'd hate to see that happen here with Voukoder's developer, he is a talented individual and I think we should try to keep some of this fine gent's spare time in our pockets and not the capitalist machines who slap price-tags on their products which wrap around opensource projects such as ffmpeg.

    There are only 4 Patreon supports thus far, we really need more! otherwise I fear Voukoder could become a victim of priorities.

    For example, there is already a paid product over at this link - AfterCodecs which effectively wraps around ffmpeg too.

    I believe Voukoder should remain free and open, and it is going to be the support of a few which will guarantee this hopefully.

    Thanks for reading and understanding.

    Please support Voukoder today, even just a couple of dollars/euros a month via Patreon helps. :thumbup:

  • I personally did a single larger donation as I hate keeping track of reoccurring monthly expenses. I plan on doing another once NVENC is 100% working as then the Plugin becomes fully integrated in my video workflow.

    But the main point here is that if you "depend" on this plugin to get your work done, similar to any purchased piece of software, it's worth paying for, especially if the developer is asking for financial contributions.

  • Thanks for your support, guys! Yes, Voukoder should be free, and legally the source code has to remain open source. No matter what happens it can never suddenly become closed source.

    The thing with donations and patreon support is that you actually buy development time with it. If I get a decent patreon income I could ask my boss to just work 4 days a week in my regular job and have one day entirely for the voukoder. Or I could ask for one month off (unpaid), or things like that. But only if my "Voukoder income" compensates this.

    Unfortunately I don't have any business partners yet (i.e. sponsors, paid support, etc.). That'd be another option.

    Stay up-to-date and follow me on Twitter. Tell me your feedback.

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon. Thank you.

  • If a few hundred Voukoder users just spared and forwarded the cost of just 'one' McDonalds meal a month to Vouk (it really is that cheap in the grand scheme of things), then Vouk can pretty much become our own personal developer!!!

    Honestly, crowdfunding can work miracles for everyone. Even to this day so many are still funding FFMPEG developers, from corporates to private individuals! and that's why it is pretty much the giant it is today and opensource at that too!

    It is quite difficult to just go in there and click a few dollars/euros away, but once you do it, you then realise that actually you don't miss it one bit and instead you feel like you actually done something very justified and morally appropriate, really can't argue with that sentiment.