A sister plugin idea - Voukoder Import

  • There have been a rare few import plugins over the years, for example the FLAC import plugin.

    I wonder, if Voukoder decided to stretch itself to also become an import plugin too? then we get to thrive on FFMPEG support of every popular container and codec variation supported by FFMPEG....

    Indeed this is a big stretch of a feature request and more an idea for a sister plugin... doesn't hurt asking though :)

    There would be no import parameters and I would imagine that it would be a case of looking at the other import api and interfacing it with ffmpeg?

    Your hands are full with VK export I understand, but maybe a 'pet' POC on the side to see if it is easily doable as you are now proefficient with Adobe's interfaces and FFMPEG, so couldn't imagine anyone would be better for the investigation ;)

  • I was working on something like that already.


    It's called MKV, but should import more or less anything that FFMPEG supports. But i was stuck in the middle and then Adobe added (faulty) MKV support and there was no big demand by the community. And now i spend too much time on Voukoder 2.0.