Allow raw code or parameter inputs instead of navigating through the GUI.

  • For more advanced users, a section where you can input raw code or ffmpeg parameters into Voukoder would be preferred. This is especially useful for parameters that are unwanted, or you do not want to render with that are enabled by default, or active by default.

    I notice that you have a section like this that tells you the commands being used inside the GUI, but it's read only.

  • The important difference; Voukoder is not an ffmpeg frontend software (like MeGUI, Hybrid, Staxrip, ...) that builds a set of command line parameters and then just calls ffmpeg.exe with these parameters. Voukoder is using the C API of ffpmeg and does not use the command line interface. This means:

    • Voukoder directly interacts with the AVCodec and AVCodecContext
    • All sorts of non codec related ffmpeg parameters can not be processed (i.e. "fps" and such)!
    • It will also never understand parameters like "v:b" or "a:b" ... only "b"

    But you will get something similar to it in Voukoder 2.0. You get a graphical configurator (on the right) and a text editor (on the left). Changing either will affect the other. But you will never be able to just copy&past any ffmpeg commandline to voukoder.


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